Welcome to Indy Photography's blog just for senior girls! This blog is still BRAND NEW, but I will be adding to it daily! I know lots of senior photographers only post pictures of seniors on their blog, but I wanted a place that was unique. A place where girls could come and hang out, read up on the latest trends, find out what movies are playing, and access all kinds of stuff from one location. Of course this blog will have pictures of seniors! But you'll also find fashion tips, iPhone apps, links to local attractions, and all sorts of stuff just for girls! So grab your Starbucks and your laptop and hang around for a while. :)

How To Dress

What should I wear?

When it comes to your senior pictures, you definitely want to show your style! There is a 10-minute wardrobe consultation worked into the beginning of your session, so if you're unsure of what to wear, bring LOTS of choices. Most girls have time to change into about 5-6 different outfits during their session, so this means that you should bring 8-10 tops (shirts, sweaters) and 8-10 bottoms (skirts, shorts, pants) in addition to 2-3 dresses.

Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your session:

- Many girls prefer to stay away from sleeveless or strapless tops as they oftentimes make your arms look larger. The same idea goes for shorts. If you're not super confident about your legs, you may want to stick with looser skirts or pants.

- When packing your clothes, remember to keep things that will easily wrinkle on a hanger.

- We all know that Mom and Dad usually want something less 'trendy' and more 'traditional', so bring at least 1 or 2 outfits that they will be proud to see you in. :)

- When you pack your clothes, don't forget to include coordinating shoes, jewelry, scarves, and hair accessories!

- If you're in sports or music and want to bring along your attire for some pictures, please do! This includes (but is definitely not limited to): band uniform, ballet slippers, cheerleading outfit, etc.

Flipping through some fashion magazines is a great way to gain some new perspective on what to wear for your session. Also, be sure to check out Indy Photography's style guides for lots of clothing ideas for the season's latest trends!

What about makeup?

I highly recommend that you have your makeup professionally done for your senior pictures.

If you choose to do it yourself, I recommend applying your makeup only slightly heavier than normal. Stay away from moisturizers on the top layer as they can cause you to have an undesirably shiny face in your pictures. Be sure your face and your neck are very close in color. If this means applying foundation to your neck, do so. Uneven skin tones are very obvious in pictures. I recommend buying a new tube of your regular mascara before your session. You will be getting lots of headshots and clumpy mascara really stands out.

Anything else I should know?

- Be very aware of tan/sunburn lines and be careful to choose clothing that will hide them.

- Many girls like to go tanning a few times prior to their session. But spending too much time in a tanning booth will give you a fake appearance, so try to take it easy.

- If you're planning to cut your hair before your pictures, try to do so at least 1-2 weeks before your session so you can get used to styling it.

- If you're dying your hair, I recommend doing so 1 week before your session.