Welcome to Indy Photography's blog just for senior girls! This blog is still BRAND NEW, but I will be adding to it daily! I know lots of senior photographers only post pictures of seniors on their blog, but I wanted a place that was unique. A place where girls could come and hang out, read up on the latest trends, find out what movies are playing, and access all kinds of stuff from one location. Of course this blog will have pictures of seniors! But you'll also find fashion tips, iPhone apps, links to local attractions, and all sorts of stuff just for girls! So grab your Starbucks and your laptop and hang around for a while. :)


Tweak Boutique | Fabulous Jewelry for Fabulous People

I'd like to introduce you all to some of the most fabulous and unique jewelry I have ever seen, available exclusively at the Tweak Boutique!

As designer Caroline Bruce's website states, "tweak is a funny-elegant boutique jewelry line by Ontario designer Caroline Bruce. Every piece of tweak is a study in colour, texture and a touch of the unexpected. And every piece is a guaranteed compliment. Just ask of the Tweak Boutique's already faithful followers. From teenagers on up, the versatile pieces are show stoppers that can fit effortlessly into any wardrobe." Her jewelry is created from natural stones and real orchid specimens preserved in resin! How cool is that?

Due to the vast selection of jewelry and the wide array of different pieces I'd like to show you, I'm going to do this in a 3-part series. Today you're viewing the duet, bloom, and fuss collections. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous works of art!

Click on the image to view larger.


The bloom collection is one of my absolute favorites! I love those multi-strand necklaces. So stunning! As you consider your outfits and accessories for your senior pictures, I highly encourage you to check out more of these great pieces of jewelry! With prices varying from just $18 (for a lovely pair of earrings) up to $145 (for those gorgeous necklaces that I adore so much), there is room in everyone's budget for something from the Tweak Boutique!

To view more of these beautiful accessories and to order some for your senior session, visit the Tweak Boutique website.


Danielle | Greenfield High School Senior Photographer

Danielle, her mom and I met downtown this weekend to get some quick senior pictures before she graduates next month. Danielle currently plays softball and is going to be playing at IUPUI this fall, so we snuck onto their softball field and shot a few frames and  barely touched  *ahem* ruined their perfectly raked ball diamond. (Sorry, IUPUI.)

Danielle, it was great meeting you! I hope you enjoyed yourself as much as I did. :) I wish you the best of luck next year!



Danielle, please don't hate me for this picture. I think you look beautiful when you laugh. :)







FINAL CALL for 2011 Senior Models!!! | Indianapolis High School Senior Photograper

Alright, girls....if you're a 2011 senior, this is your last chance to apply to be a senior model and earn lots of FREE stuff with your session as well as cold hard CASH!!!

Once again, here's all the info you need to be considered for a senior ambassador:


You must apply by April 15th to be considered as a senior model, so hurry and fill one out!!

You can email or snail mail your application to me. (Contact info is listed at the bottom of the application.) Just click on the application below and follow the directions to print it out.

Senior Ambassador Application


Daily Makeup Tips from DailyGlow! | Indianapolis High School Senior Photograper

The DailyGlow is a website chock full of information on makeup - from tips and tricks to serious savings! And to make your life a little easier, they have created a daily email newsletter called 'Your Daily Highlight'. To sign up, simply visit the DailyGlow website (or click on the picture below) and enter your email address in this little gray box on the right hand side of the screen:

Seniors - DailyGlow


Tasty Tuesday: Puppy Chow | Indianapolis High School Senior Photograper

Welcome to the first edition of Tasty Tuesday here on the Indy Photography Seniors blog! If high school girls haven't changed too much in the past 10 years, there are still sleepovers, weekend hangouts, and parties to attend. And since we Americans love to snack, there is always food around! Is it easy to grab a bag of chips to bring along? Sure! But it's so much tastier if you make something at home And this is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Here is our family recipe for puppy chow, complete with extra peanut butter and extra sugar. ;)

Puppy Chow

7 cups of Crispix cereal
1 heaping cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips
3/4 cup smooth peanut butter
plenty of powdered sugar :)
1 large clean trash bag

1. Measure and pour cereal into large bowl.
2. Melt peanut butter and chocolate chips in microwave-safe bowl. 
3. Gently stir peanut butter/chocolate mixture into Crispix.
4. Refrigerate for 20 minutes.
5. Measure 1 cup powdered sugar into trash bag.
6. Dump cereal mixture into trash bag.
7. Continue to add powdered sugar 1/2 cup at a time until completely coated.
8. Store puppy chow in a airtight container.
9. Enjoy!


2010 Hottest Colors | Indianapolis High School Senior Photograper

Spring is here and along with spring comes the time to redecorate and repaint. Most people instantly think of walls when it comes to painting but if your whole bedroom or dorm room is not an option, consider a chair or another piece of furniture. It's a smaller project, costs less money, and doesn't take as much time to paint. Plus, if you decide you don't like the color or want to repaint it again next year, it's a quick fix!

The bright colors that have been popular for the past few years are still around, but they are being toned down a bit to create some beautiful muted colors for 2010. These elegant shades will fit into any bedroom and even mix and match great with bold colors such as sunflower yellow or watermelon pink!

The colors trends of the year are great, but the greatest trend of all right now in color is personalization. So regardless of what color the fashion magazines tell you to paint your bedroom, it's always best to go with your gut. If you're head-over-heels in love with the color blue, then by all means, paint your bedroom blue! But whatever you do, have some fun this spring by painting something!

Check out some of these rooms for inspiration:






Find a really unique color that you'd like to use in your room? Use this iPhone app to match the color to a Sherwin-Williams color instantly!

ColorSnap App

For more fun colors, check out Behr paint or browse through auto paint colors. The possibilities are endless!