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Tweak Boutique | Fabulous Jewelry for Fabulous People

I'd like to introduce you all to some of the most fabulous and unique jewelry I have ever seen, available exclusively at the Tweak Boutique!

As designer Caroline Bruce's website states, "tweak is a funny-elegant boutique jewelry line by Ontario designer Caroline Bruce. Every piece of tweak is a study in colour, texture and a touch of the unexpected. And every piece is a guaranteed compliment. Just ask of the Tweak Boutique's already faithful followers. From teenagers on up, the versatile pieces are show stoppers that can fit effortlessly into any wardrobe." Her jewelry is created from natural stones and real orchid specimens preserved in resin! How cool is that?

Due to the vast selection of jewelry and the wide array of different pieces I'd like to show you, I'm going to do this in a 3-part series. Today you're viewing the duet, bloom, and fuss collections. Feast your eyes on these gorgeous works of art!

Click on the image to view larger.


The bloom collection is one of my absolute favorites! I love those multi-strand necklaces. So stunning! As you consider your outfits and accessories for your senior pictures, I highly encourage you to check out more of these great pieces of jewelry! With prices varying from just $18 (for a lovely pair of earrings) up to $145 (for those gorgeous necklaces that I adore so much), there is room in everyone's budget for something from the Tweak Boutique!

To view more of these beautiful accessories and to order some for your senior session, visit the Tweak Boutique website.

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